Mr Duncan Njaramba – FRR Customer

We are thrilled to announce another successful transaction at Wangombe Truck Dealer – the sale of an ISUZU FRR 90 Truck to Mr. Duncan Njaramba.

The ISUZU FRR 90 Truck stands as a testament to durability, efficiency, and reliability, making it the preferred choice for businesses seeking robust transportation solutions. With its advanced features and sturdy construction, this truck is engineered to tackle even the toughest of tasks with ease.

Mr. Duncan Njaramba’s decision to invest in the ISUZU FRR 90 Truck demonstrates his commitment to quality and excellence. We are honored to have played a part in providing him with a vehicle that aligns perfectly with his business requirements.

At Wangombe Truck Dealer, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and top-quality vehicles that exceed our customers’ expectations. We extend our sincere appreciation to Mr. Duncan Njaramba for choosing us as his trusted partner in this significant investment.

For all your trucking needs, trust Wangombe Truck Dealer – where reliability meets satisfaction.